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Peak Fuel  Peanut Brownie Bars - 15 Pack

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Peak Fuel Summit Bars come in two flavours, ’Peanut Brownie’ and ’Cranberry and Apple’. 
Both bars have been formulated from oat, rice and soy based products, natural flavours and no preservatives or artificial colouring. 
Each 65g bar is supplemented with Sodium, Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium. 
The energy profiles differ between each bar as these bars have been created to taste right, not just follow a formula.
The bars are all about being natural and honest food, no gimmicks or extravagant claims. Low to medium Glycaemic Index means no sugar flats, just long lasting energy that tastes great!

 Peanut Brownie   Cranberry and Apple
Energy 293 Cal  220 Cal
Protein 17%14%
Fat (Oils) 10.6% 4.3%

(no simple sugars added)


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