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AvantiPlus Salisbury is all about cycling and sometimes that means handing your prized posession over for some regular maintanance.

Our resident mechanic, Bikeman gavin, brings personally over 30 years experience with him. Some say "who better to look after your bike" but at AvantiPlus Salisbury, Gavin is actually the one who does look after it for you, have the confidence of knowing your mechanic personally, see him instore to talk directly about your repair.

We carryout all repairs from the simple tube replacement to full teardowns and rebuilds.

Most popular services

Ride Ready

This is the tune up you get when you need to know your bike has to be perfect for the big day. You've been out training on it day after day, it seems ok, but you just want to be sure. Tune up includes tuning brakes, gears, cables, tyres, all bearing settings and of course a lube

APlus Service

Plus is what you get with this, our most popular tune up. We dismantle most of the bike, degrease the whole drive train, true the wheels, check axles, tune gear set, setup brakes just right, remove cranks and service crank bearings, inspect headset.

Once satisfied all is good, we reassemble and adjust as it goes back together. Don't worry, we measure everyhting before we start and put it back to the same dimensions you ride.

We do all sorts of work, just ask.

call in and discuss your needs we can work with you, we can fit your parts or ours, no problem.

Prices are available instore and are price listed for each job, no guess work from a sales guy here. 


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