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Peak Fuel  Berry Drink - 500gm

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To hydrate properly we need more than just water, we need to replace the salts lost while perspiring. That is what the Hydration Formula has been designed to do, to hydrate and replace electrolytes in the best way possible. Low in sugars and with great flavour, you actually want to drink it!
We need to be using 600 to 800ml of fluid with useful salts for every hour of active exercise, but to be effective it needs 5-6% carbohydrate as salt uptake is an ‘active’ process that needs those sugars. Trouble is, most drinks are too sweet to take at full strength, we dilute them down and then dilute down those essential salts, not with PeakFuel!
PeakFuel Hydration Formula has been designed to taste dead right when you make it up correctly (1 scoop to 190ml of water) and to be used while exercising.
In 500g jars.  Comes in two flavours Berry Burst, and Lime Lift.

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