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1/20 Hill Climb

Location: Mountain Highway/State Route 28 - The Basin

Known for its 1/20 gradient the 1/20 is Mt Dandenongs favourite route to climb to the summit.

Starting at the Basin on Mountain Highway it winds up 6.75km to the scenic town of Sassafras.

It's suited to all road riders, as it's not too steep for anyone to attempt.

Local clubs often hold time trial races up the 1/20 to see who is the fastest.
The official record is held by local talent Trent Lowe, former World XC MTB Champion who completed the climb in 13mins and 2seconds.

Why not get together with a group of riders and make this your next challenge!


 Check out more info here. (external site)


Warburton Rail Trail

Rail Trails have become extremely popular globally over the past couple of years and Melbourne’s best known rail trail is the Warburton Trail.

Starting from Lilydale and winding through the scenic Yarra Valley.

The rail trail is suited to most bikes & riders, Hybrids & Trail bikes being the ideal. Road bikes can be used but the small tyres on the loose gravel are not ideal.

A 40km ride with several rest stops at historic railways stations, picnic stops and water stations along the way this makes for a great social weekend ride.


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Western Australia



Location: Marrinup campsite, Dwellingup, approx. 100km South of Perth

Facilities: Toilet, Shelter, Picnic benches, Fire pits, camping allowed. Limited Telstra only coverage, no water available


Marrinup is a great trail for the beginner and seasoned rider alike. Unlike many Perth trails it is not totally covered with pea gravel. The majority of the surface is more loamy and hardpack to make for one of the better Perth trails for traction.

This is not a hilly course so suits all levels of fitness and with the short cut provided it is ideal for the kids too so that they can handle the shorter 2.5km loop while the rest of you can enjoy the 8 km of mainly (90%) single-track. The course is quite well marked allowing those new to the trail to confidently get around.

There are a number of log rollovers, small jumps and drops and other obstacles that are all readily achievable for even the modestly experienced mountain biker. There is even a B line available for those still honing their skills.

 A guaranteed great trail that allows you to ride to your limit.


For more information click here (external site)


Langford Park


Location: Nettleton Rd, Jarrahdale

Facilities: Toilet, Shelter, Picnic benches, Free BBQ’s, Camping allowed. Limited telephone coverage, no water available

Langford Park is one of the most used and favourite MTB parks in Western Australia. There is over 40km of single-track, winding its way through the undulating pea gravel terrain that is typical of Western Australia mountain biking. With many trails available it hosts a number of race and enduro events each year and continues to gain in popularity. A large amount of single-track available means there is ample trails for the kids, the newbie’s and the pros to have a new ride every weekend. With many different natural obstacles to challenge all rider levels it is a great place to hone your skills.

For those new to the area go with someone who knows the trails or make sure that you pack the GPS as the trails are not marked unless you happen to be there just before or after an event. The trick is to start at the carpark near the toilets and head up the sealed path and then turn right into the trees and go for it.


AvantiPlus Cannington uses Langford Park to hold their Fundamentals, Intermediate and Advanced Skills Clinics as well as the Ladies only and mixed MTB group rides. Find all their clinic dates and registration details here(external site)


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