About Our Store

Welcome to Avantiplus Navajo Bicycles!
We are stockists of some of the finest bicycles and bike equipment available. Bicycle brands include-
Avanti Bicycles: A home grown brand that continues to put our athletes in front at an international level. They have been designing and developing bikes for over 20 years in Australia and New Zealand. 
Scott Bicycles: Always up with the latest technology Scott has made its mark as a force to be reckoned with in the international bike market through quality products and impressive results by their athletes.
ABD: Avanti BMX Development has been making quite a mark on the BMX scene since its birth and is continuing to grow strongly.
Raleigh: The Raleigh brand has a long and rich history in the biking world and it continues right through to today, these bikes are designed locally and have an emphasis on good quality and great value.
Drop by and visit us some time to meet our helpful staff or to take a test ride.
You can find us at:
430 Sturt Street,
VIC 3350
Store Hours
9.00am - 5.30pm Monday to Thursday
9.00am - 6.30pm Friday
9.00am - 1.00pm Saturday
Closed Sunday
A professional bike positioning session with the A+ Dynamic Bike Fit System is your first step to comfortable and efficient cycling. This system accurately measures critical body angles when you are in motion on your bike, even under full power or when fatigued and under stress.

A bike that fits better can give you:

- Improved Comfort
- Injury Prevention
- Pain Elimination
- Increased Power
- Improved Efficiency
The A+ Dynamic Bike Fit System allows precise adjustments to be made to your bikes components. The A+ Dynamic Bike Fit System will
go through each of the following points:


Seat Height – Calculated by measuring the knee angle.
Seat fore and aft position – Set by finding the optimum knee position over the pedal axle. 
Stem height and length – Calculated by measuring the effective upper body.
Handlebar angle and width – Adjusted in relation to arm length and shoulder width.
Brake lever position – Adjusted in relation to the riding arm angle.
Cleat position – For optimum power transfer, comfort and pedalling technique.

Combine all this with the experience of one of our technicians and we can create the ultimate customised bike – that's right! A bike 
designed exactly for you!